Social Pro

$ 499
  • 5 videos
  • 1 Meme Graphic
  • 1 Informative Video
  • Posting to FB & IG

Social Pro Plus

$ 999
  • 10 Videos
  • 2 Meme Graphics
  • 2 Informative Videos
  • IG Engagement
  • Posted to FB & IG

Youtube Pro

$ 499
  • 4 Youtube Videos
  • Headlines
  • Descriptions
  • Thumbnails

Podcast Pro

$ 999
  • 4 Audios
  • 4 Youtube Videos
  • Headlines
  • Descriptions
  • 2 Promo Pieces

Video styles that stay authentic to you.

We offer a variety of different editing styles that will help amplify your message and engage your audience


The Front Page

The fundamental video edit. The Front Page keeps you front and center with you throughout the entire video. We’ll add-in clean subtitles with your brand colors, background b-roll footage and pop ups to keep your video engaging.

The Engager

Share your message while engaging your audience. The Engager will have you on screen roughly 80% of the time, only switching to b-roll related to the point you’re driving home. We’ll also include matching subtitles that emphasize your key points.

The Poppit

Keep your videos fun! The Poppit focuses on you throughout the entire video along with creative subtitles  while highlighting some emojis, animations, and more! Our team will also add creative zooms and cuts to keep your video entertaining.

The Dank Tank

Flex your meme muscles. The Dank Tank is a more heavily edited video style, featuring pop-ups, b-roll, and sounds to make your videos humorous while not taking away from the message. We’ll also include an outro for you to build your brand.

The Money Maker

Get that cash. The Money Maker will use customized subtitles to match your brand color and font, while also adding pop-ups and b-rolls to highlight key phrases in your videos. We’ll also add an outro to help build your brand.

The Broadcaster

The Broadcaster is the perfect way to highlight your podcast episodes, youtube videos, and other long form content. This edit style includes. clean subtitles, a progress bar, and a choice of b-roll all in a branded templated frame.

The Fisherman

Cast your IG Reel and Hook your audience. The Fisherman will immediately highlight a hooky part of your video, followed by a short intro to draw your audience in. We’ll also include clean subtitles and relevant b-roll to drive home key points.

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