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Sylvie di Giusto

*after using Storyy for 5 months


Video Views


Total Reach


People Engaged

Jason Hewlett

*after using Storyy for 3 months


Video Views


Total Reach


People Engaged

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Chris Medellin

“Storyy fixed my editing & posting problem for me. They help get eyes on my content and the most amount of engagement that I could have ever dreamed of! “

Tim Kelly

“They’ve exceeded all my expectations, I have no complaints.. They keep me on the right track through content ideas.. and my experience with Storyy has been great! “

Sylvie di Giusto

“The Storyy app’s one-in-all solution makes the content creation process super easy, stress-free and incredibly time-saving.. I’m so glad that I am one of their customers!”

Jason Duncan

“Storyy maximizes my time and does everything for my social media. I can’t recommend them enough, they’re fantastic. You’re not gonna be disappointed, you’ll thank me later.”

Carolina Davila​

“The Storyy process has been really really great! I’ve gotten great responses from my sphere of influence.. They are amazing & awesome! I definitely recommend you talk to them.”

Brad Draper

“Storyy has been fantastic for me. You record and send your video to them, and they apply their expertise to make you look beautiful! Reach out to them. Love you guys!”

Nick Sakkis

“I’m now referring all my people to Storyy.. I’ve been there, built a team, and tried to do it myself. I’ve partnered with Storyy, they’re pros, and it’s been great ever since.”

Lazy Dancer Tips

“Storyy has taken away a massive chunk of work from everything that we do and they’re doing an incredible job. If you’re thinking about hiring these guys, do it! 

Hunter Jones

“Storyy has been a priceless, life-changing experience in my content creation and career. I’m finding great success.. creating mind share, and I’m having a blast!”

Natalie Dawson

“What is so great about Storyy’s service is the way they structure their approach to make you accountable and prioritize recording content as it is important, which I love!”

Louis Berman

“Storyy has been nothing short of awesome since I started using it. It has allowed me to get visibility with a ton of referral partners.. I couldn’t be happier with this platform!”

Vic Vasquez

“Time is very important for me.. Storyy makes it so easy to record, upload a video and after a couple of days they get a professionally edited video that connects with people.”

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