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Storyy Teleprompter App

Creating video content can be challenging, especially when you’re trying to remember everything you want to say. Our teleprompter can help make the process easier by guiding you and ensuring that you stay on track. With our teleprompter, you can feel confident and deliver your message with ease.

The Teleprompter Will:

📜 Save You Time

📜 Improve Accuracy

📜 Enhance Deliverability

📜 Reduce Stress

📜 Increase Confidence 

Our system is easy to use and can be customized to your preferences, allowing you to adjust the speed and font size to ensure that it suits your needs. Let our teleprompter take the stress out of video content creation, allowing you to focus on delivering a powerful message that resonates with your audience.

Save You Time Creating Content

Our teleprompter feature saves you precious time by eliminating the need for memorization or constant retakes. 

You no longer have to Spend hours rehearsing and trying to recall your script.

Now you can simply load your script into the app, and the teleprompter will display it in a scrollable format, allowing you to read your lines effortlessly while recording your video.

The app breaks your script into easy, bite sized pieces to help structure your videos.

Need help writing a script? We have you covered there too! Use our Idea Generator to help you create engaging, authentic video scripts.

Improve Your Accuracy

With the teleprompter guiding your speech, you can expect improved accuracy in delivering your content. 

No more:

❌ Stumbling over words. 

❌ Missing important details.

❌ Talking in circles.

❌ Going off-script. 

The teleprompter keeps your script right in front of you, ensuring that you maintain a steady flow and maintain the intended message throughout your video.

Enhance Deliverability

By providing a clear and steady visual guide, our teleprompter enhances the deliverability of your video content. 

No more worrying about forgetting your lines. Now you can focus on:

🗣 Your tone of voice.

🗣 Body language.

🗣 Engaging with your audience.

🗣 Connecting with your viewers.

This results in a more professional and polished presentation, capturing the attention of your viewers and conveying your message effectively.

Reduce Stress

The anxiety and stress associated with remembering a lengthy script can be overwhelming. But worry no more!

Our teleprompter feature removes this burden from your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your delivery without the fear of forgetting or stumbling over your lines. 

You can feel confident knowing that your script is right in front of you, providing a safety net that frees you to express yourself naturally.

Increase Confidence

With the teleprompter supporting you, your confidence as a presenter will soar. 

The knowledge that you have a reliable tool to guide you gives you the reassurance you need to deliver your message with conviction. 

When you don’t have to focus on remembering lines, you can focus on being authoritative and authentic on camera, helping you connect with your viewers.

Your increased confidence will shine through in your video, leaving a lasting impression on your audience!

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