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Every successful business, needs a community to flourish. That’s why it’s essential to stay visible and engaged with clients, fans, and past customers online.

On Social Media Storyy Telling, we talk about the most well-received digital trends and tactics that can help you build relationships and grow your influence.

Meet our host, Deven Gillen

As a social media strategist for speakers, coaches, and any type of solopreneur, Deven Gillen uses his skills to help people grow a sphere of influence online that attracts customers.

People like to do business with people, and being able to grow a personal brand that captivates audiences will separate you from everyone else.

We’ve been able to help businesses and individuals like Cardone Ventures, Natalie Dawson, Mike Croc, and others build a passionate following, giving them an audience that they can directly market new ventures and products to.

Past Guests

Millie Adrian

Creator & social media coach

Frank Kitchen

Speaker & business coach

Chad Anderson

Area Manager at LoanDepot

Steven Cooley

Founder of Art vs. Math LLC

Alec Hanson

SVP Production for loanDepot

Haley Johnson

Marketing Manager at REDX

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