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Storyy is your go-to social media partner.

Video Outlines

Never run out of video ideas. Our team will send you video outlines to help you create engaging video content.

Video Editing

Catch your audience’s attention with professional video editing that showcases you authentically.


Have confidence in your content. We keep your captions, copy, and posts relevant and engaging. 


We help you build an engaging community by commenting on other people’s posts for you.

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NSA members are already seeing results with Storyy

Sylvie di Giusto

*after using Storyy for 5 months


Video Views


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Jason Hewlett

*after using Storyy for 3 months


Video Views


Total Reach


People Engaged

Sylvie di Giusto

NSA Member

“The Storyy app’s one-in-all solution makes the content creation process super easy, stress-free and incredibly time-saving. I’m so glad that I am one of their customers!”

The Storyy process makes content easy


First, we help you know what to say.

Instead of procrastinating content creation because you don’t know what to say, our team tees up consistent suggestions, questions, and topics for you to share your perspective on. Our prompts will help you consistently create content and be seen by your audience.

Second, record or upload your video directly through our app.

Content uploading has never been easier. The Storyy mobile and web apps allow you to effortlessly deliver your video to the team, removing the frustration of Google Drive and Dropbox. You’ll be able to check the app to see where in the editing process your video is.


Third, we turn your video into premium content.

The recording you uploaded will be turned into engaging social media video content. We’ll do also do timestamps, hashtag research, edit out awkward pauses, add music, pop-ups and keep up with trending styles to help your video stand out while preserving your uniqueness.

Fourth, we post and share your message.

Once your video is complete, our team will write a caption inspired by your message and share it to the accounts you care about most.


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Share your authentic message online

Our mission at Storyy is to turn 5 minutes of your time into an engaging online presence. Our team will guide you through prompting, editing, and posing your video all while preserving what makes them unique – you.