Frequently Asked Questions

Our team takes 24-48 hours to deliver your finished video.

Our scripts are generated with the help Open.AI‘s Chat GPT, and our own team of prompt engineers.

Every video is edited by real people – No Capcut or Descript found here. 

Our team of video editors are up to date on current styles, and will make sure your video is engaging and authentically you.

You can download the app on iPhone or Android. We also have a desktop version.

We require a 30 day notice. 

If you are looking to produce more than five videos a month, you can purchase our unlimited video package for $899/mo.

Credits do not roll over.


With our unlimited package, you get unlimited videos. Our team edits 1 active project at a time. Customers usually see 20-30 videos, depending on how often you upload.

Yes! We will give you full clarity of your content, and give you an opportunity to revise it if you are not satisfied.

While there are other content creation options (such as auto generated) available, these options do not stick out from the 720,000 hours worth of videos upload to social media each day.

If you are serious about growing your online presence and building a strong personal brand, you need to make content that sticks out while still being authentically you.

We would love to talk about your social media goals, and see if Storyy would be a good fit for you. book a demo today!

want your content to look premium? trendy? fresh? engaging? authentic?

Schedule a call with our sales team and learn how Storyy can you help you reach your target audience and build your community.