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Be Seen On Social Media Without The Hassle. đź‘Ť

Turn raw content from your phone, podcast, or YouTube channel into professionally edited and managed custom social media videos.

A content team in your pocket.

You Upload

Submit your raw video, photo, or audio content. Podcasts, Youtube videos, or record something on your phone!

We Edit

Your content is edited into custom social media content by professional creators.

And Post

Storyy manages posting to your chosen social platforms. We'll even boost your content to a target audience of your chosing.

Here's how it works.

Custom content so easy, it feels automated.

Our mobile and web apps make it easy to upload your podcasts, YouTube videos, or any raw content on your device. Once your project is submitted, you’ll be able to keep track of content through each step of the process.

Not sure what to make? We also include AI-powered prompts based the common questions across common social media topics.

Storyy identifies the ‘golden nuggets’ in your content that will stand out on social media and transcribes your video with humans to ensure the highest possible quality.

Our team of professional editors uses popular, trending styles while following your brand guidelines. We turn your original files into custom social media video content, authentic to you.

Our team creates a custom social media captions according to each platform’s best practices to ensure maximum engagement.

Your content is reviewed for QA

Your content is scheduled and posted to your selected platforms, so you can build a strong community wherever your audience goes. We’ll even promote your videos to a target list of your choosing!

We store your completed content in the Storyy app’s Content Library so that you have easy access to your final edits.

What Storyy will do for you.

  • Easily turn your existing long-form content, like podcasts or YouTube videos, into engaging social content.
  • Eliminate the headaches of managing a copywriter, video editor, transcriptionist, and social media manager.
  • Create a social media presence built on authentic custom content, not generic stock photos or templates.
  • Always have your content up to date, following the latest trends and styles that win on social media. 

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Most Popular Products

Social Pro

$ 499
  • 5 Custom Video Projects
  • Posting Management to Facebook & Instagram

Social Pro +

$ 999
  • 10 Custom Video Projects
  • Posting Management to Facebook & Instagram
  • Community Engagement
  • Post Boosting
  • 1-10 Team Members


$ 2,499
  • 20 Custom Video Projects
  • Posting Management to 4 Platforms
  • Community Engagement
  • Post Boosting
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Link in Bio Card
  • 1-10 Team Members

A content team in your pocket.

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