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Generate more recurring revenue with your affiliate link! Earn a recurring 10% on every sale you send our way.

Marketing Materials

No matter what your audience is, we have all the resources you'll need to sell Storyy packages

Premium content creation packages

What you'll sell as a Storyy affiliate


Built for influencers, consistent content creators, and businesses looking for additional marketing support.

Starting at $1,899

Social Pro

Built for professionals & businesses new to content creation & are ready to grow thier brand.

Starting at $499

Video Edits

long and short form video that will share your knowledge with your audience, all while staying unique to your brand.

Starting at $267

Who is Storyy?

Storyy became the company it is today in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, when founders Connor Snyder and Austin Jacks saw a need for organic content creation with their clients.

Since then, the digital-marketing-agency turned content-production-machine prides itself in helping creators and business owners plan, create, and manage content on the biggest social media platforms across the web.

The Storyy Process

Custom content so easy, it feels automated.

Our mobile and web apps make it easy to upload your podcasts, YouTube videos, or any raw content on your device. Once your project is submitted, you’ll be able to keep track of content through each step of the process.

Not sure what to make? We also include AI-powered prompts based the common questions across common social media topics.

Storyy identifies the ‘golden nuggets’ in your content that will stand out on social media and transcribes your video with humans to ensure the highest possible quality.

Our team of professional editors uses popular, trending styles while following your brand guidelines. We turn your original files into custom social media video content, authentic to you.

Our team creates a custom social media captions according to each platform’s best practices to ensure maximum engagement.

Your content is reviewed for QA

Your content is scheduled and posted to your selected platforms, so you can build a strong community wherever your audience goes. We’ll even promote your videos to a target list of your choosing!

We store your completed content in the Storyy app’s Content Library so that you have easy access to your final edits.

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storyy app, social media video