Establishing a strategy for social media presence is a crucial aspect of any successful marketing strategy. However, creating an effective

social media strategy can be challenging. To ensure that you set up a successful social media strategy, avoid these common mistakes.

1. Overlooking Audience Segmentation

Understanding your audience is pivotal to a successful social media campaign. Brands that don’t research and segment their audience

may end up delivering their message to an irrelevant or disinterested audience. To avoid this mistake, research who your target audience

is, and then segment them into groups with similar interests, geographic locations or other demographic factors. This segmentation helps

in crafting tailored messages that resonate with specific subgroups.

2. Not Setting Clear Goals

Before starting a social media account, businesses need to determine measurable and attainable goals they want to achieve. Without clear

goals to work towards, social media efforts may easily become wasted resources. Ensure that your goals specific, measurable, and tailored

to your business needs for maximum impact.

3. Ignoring Analytics

Data analytics provide valuable insights into what works and what doesn’t in social media marketing. Monitoring metrics such as engagement

rates, likes, shares, click-through rates, and views helps businesses to identify what strategies are successful. Regularly analyzing data can guide

necessary changes and modifications in your social media tactics for greater effectiveness.

4. Inconsistent Posting

Regularly posting content is instrumental in fostering engagement and maintaining a strong social media following. Social media users appreciate

consistency and predictability regarding what they’ll find when they visit a brand’s social account. Lacking consistency in posting will push followers

away and limit your reach.


In conclusion, avoid these social media mistakes to maximize your marketing efforts. However, carefully developing a strong social media strategy

that accurately represents your brand’s voice and values can be challenging.


At Storyy, our team of content creation experts can help you develop and manage a tailored social media strategy that reflects your business’s unique

voice and drives leads, revenue, and web visibility. Contact us today to schedule a free strategy session and start taking your business’s social media branding and messaging to the next level.




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