10 Fantastic Features of our Storyy App

We take pride in helping creators and business owners plan, create, and manage content on the biggest social media platforms across the web.

In order to deliver better service and experience to our clients, we released these 10 fantastic Storyy app features just for you!

#1. Request Revisions 📝

Request revisions on completed projects directly within the app.

#2. Linked Projects 🔗

See what completed content is tied to your submitted projects.

#3. Team Management 👨‍👦‍👦

Easily add and edit team members and their permissions.

#4. Content Style 🎨

Customize your projects to match your brand with new content preferences.

#5. Updated Tracker 📙

Track each step of your content’s progress with the updated tracker.

#6. Project Type Selection 🤔

Choose from a variety of project types for more control over submissions.

#7. Topic Prompts 📲

Get prompts for desired topics to help guide your content creation.

#8. Large File Uploads 📁

Create projects and upload large files with ease.

#9. Download and Share 🤝

Download and share content directly from your library to other apps.

#10. Notification Bubbles 💭

Stay informed with notification bubbles for messages from your team about your content.

Try Storyy risk free!

At Storyy, we serve different clients in different industries helping out on their social media video needs. We’ve helped influencers, speakers, podcasters, salespersons, and marketers to name a few. Try out Storyy & claim your FREE Social Media Video Edit today!


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