Discovering and Creating Entertaining Content with Jason Hewlett preview

Discovering and Creating Entertaining Content with Jason Hewlett

Jason Hewlett talked about his passion for entertaining people and how he discovered ways to reach out to his audiences โœจ He shares his social media journey with us and how he became successful in his chosen career! ๐Ÿ’ฏ.

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[00:00] Introduction
[02:10] When Jason Hewlett started his journey
[06:12] How NSA helped him become a speaker
[10:30] Jasonโ€™s social media journey
[18:23] Opportunities he got from his social media posts
[22:12] The time when he doubted social media
[25:14] His message to the audience

Take control of your brand in social media

There are two words in social media. Media is only the half of it. You also need to engage socially (liking, commenting, sharing) with not just your content but also other people.

If you are a speaker, you need to take control of your brand online as people who like your speeches, jokes, or whatever speaking gig video clip they have, they’re going to share it with other people. People will always share something they like, that brings them joy or have enlightened their minds with knowledge.

Not all your content will bring in gigs but you are not only building your online presence, portfolio or body of work, but you are also spreading your message, and become accessible to the right people – the true fans of you who will be there to support you.

About our guest:

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Having delivered thousands of presentations over 2 decades, Jason Hewlett is the only speaker in the world teaching leadership in a performance of uncanny musical and comedy impressions, utilizing the legends of the stage.

โ€œThe Promiseโ€ is a keynote speech that feels like a show, with proven processes and immediately implementable takeaways to transform your business and leadership skills.

Jason is the author of the Facebook post entitled, โ€œI Saw My Wife at Target Today,โ€ which has been seen by more than 100 million people. A recent and one of the youngest inductees in the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame, his talks inspire leadership from the perspective of a Promise while giving attendees an engaging, entertaining, and educational experience all in one.

With over 2,000 presentations for Fortune 500 companies and clients such as American Express, Delta Airlines, the Salt Lake Olympics, Experian, NuSkin, Younique, Coca~Cola, and Wells Fargo, Jason Hewlett is your go-to solution for a keynote, entertainment, and emcee.

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