MrBeast’s Multiple 3-Steps Viral Formula for Video Success

You’ve probably heard of MrBeast (a.k.a Jimmy Donaldson) by now. He’s the YouTube sensation who’s known for his over-the-top stunts, generous giveaways, and most importantly, his ability to create viral videos. But what’s his secret formula for making videos that take the internet by storm? Well just look at the curated steps below for the viral formula for video success, according to MrBeast himself.

Determining the Topic

This can be a make or break for a video. 

#1. Simple – It should be very simple and easy to understand.

#2. Interesting – The topic should be universally interesting for the most potential possible.

#3. Relevant – Topic should be relevant to the content of the video.

Secret to making the Title

This is huge to getting people to click. The first step is ..

#1. Keep it Short, #2. Simple, and..

#3. Very easy to understand – make no assumptions about what your audience knows. The more universal the title, the broader the potential audience.

Make Better Thumbnails

#1. Accurate – This should describe visually and in an enticing way what’s in the video. But don’t promise something you can’t deliver on.

#2. Once again, simplicity is key – Very clear and mobile friendly too.

#3. Make it Colorful & Bright – Make sure it will stand out in YouTube.

How to get better view duration?

The requirements to have a better view duration can be divided into three (3) parts. See below:


 #1. Expectation – It should meet the expectations set in the thumbnail.

 #2. Explain the payoff – MrBeas tells you exactly what the video is about and why you should stick around.

 #3. Then proceed to the video – immediately.


 #1. Objective – Must be easy to understand.

 #2. Stay on topic – Be consistent.

 #3. No filler content – Make sure to have only content which is necessary and related to the video topic.


 #1. Clear goal – Which you tease throughout the video.

 #2. Build anticipation – The content builds towards the payoff. The viewer is constantly reminded about the video.

 #3. Deliver what was promised.

BONUS: Adapt your content to your audience always

Continue to optimize for a great experience and long viewing sessions by using data & analytics.

“Don’t be afraid of data. Check out your average view duration. Although there are more data-points but this one is the easiest one to fix.”

More Tips from Jimmy

“Don’t be afraid to delegate…Things are just a lot more fun when you have people to help you in general…If you are working multiple jobs and you can only put only a certain amount of effort in your video. But if you hired an editor, he can put 100% of his time into that even if he’s like 20% worse than you he will still do a way better job as that’s where his focus is.”

Need a Content Team in your Pocket?

With these three steps, you too can create viral videos that will take the internet by storm. And as what MrBeast has said, don’t be afraid to delegate and consider our help. Try out Storyy & claim your FREE Social Media Video Edit today!


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