Ryan Boswell

Creating Opportunities Through Social Media with Ryan Boswell

In this episode of the podcast, Ryan Boswell shares his story on how he started as a content creator and how he reached 100K followers on Tiktok organically.πŸ‘

Are you still on the fence about utilizing social media for your business or career? Tune in to below to learn how to create opportunities to elevate yourself to the next level with social.

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Show notes:Β 

[00:00] Introduction

[00:55] Ryan shares his story and how it all started

[03:40] How he leveraged social mediaΒ 

[06:53] How long did it take to reach 100K followers on TikTok

[08:55] What helped grow the audienceΒ 

[11:35] Thoughts on ChatGPT as a content creator

[14:03] Focusing on video content is the way forward

[16:59] 2023 content plans for Silicon SlopesΒ 

[19:28] Achieving the first 75K following

[21:42] The power of quality free giveawaysΒ 

[23:54] Bonus Takeaway: The importance of being an ethical content creator

Focusing on video content is the way forward

Ryan shared an interesting tidbit of knowledge and wisdom from a book that he read. He said “On the timeline of human history, words have only been about 10,000 years old; while compared to that timeline, we have been visual for a far longer period of time..”.

This is one of the driving forces as to why video content is the primary medium of choice for most people on earth. It is so much easier to create connections, authenticity and draw or show emotion through video compared to written copy.

About our guest:

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Website: https://itsryanboswell.com/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryanjboswell/ 

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@itsryanboswell

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsryanboswell/

Ryan Boswell is a Senior Director of Growth, at an incredible organization in Utah called Silicon Slopes. He is also a content creator, brand strategist, avid golfer, card collector, husband, and dad to two golden retriever pups.

Ryan grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and now lives in the Western United States. His whole life he balanced living with ADHD, Anxiety, and OCD. Today, he is on a mission to help others learn to be more productive, stay organized, and enjoy life more fully. 

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