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Content Repurposing Myths You Need To Ignore

Everybody claims to be an expert these days, which leads to so much misinformation being passed around, particularly around content repurposing.

What’s bad about these myths is that they cause reluctance among content creators to repurpose content, even though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that as long as you’re doing it the right way.

The 4 myths below will hopefully clear up some of the biggest misconceptions about content repurposing to once and for all stop them from spreading.

Myth #1: Google penalizes duplicate content

The last thing we want as digital marketers is to be penalized by search engines, especially by Google. This is probably the biggest reason why content creators are hesitant to reuse content.

However, you need to remember that repurposing is not the same as duplicating. Unless you’re relying on a copy-and-paste tactic, it’s perfectly safe to repurpose content. The goal is to make sure you’re giving an existing content a fresh spin or approach (think of it as a remix or a modern rendition of an old song).

When you do that, search engines won’t see your content as a duplicate and won’t send you to digital marketing jail.

Myth #2: People will get tired of you

On the contrary, studies have shown that people get more value out of reading the same content more than once before they start to really absorb and implement it.

Make sure that when you repurpose a piece of content, you’re adding more value to it, changing the way you present it, or at least making it more digestible for new audiences. That way, people won’t get bored. This myth only becomes true if you post the same content on every channel, over and over again. But that’s not what you’re doing, right?

Myth #3: Reusing content from other sources is frowned upon

If this were true, that means you’re only allowed to repurpose your own content. That could not be any farther from the truth.

In fact, the best content sometimes comes from other people, especially when you’re referencing industry experts. That’s a legitimate way to repurpose content as long as you ask for permission and let them know what you’re going to do with their content before you repurpose it. Better yet, credit the source.

Myth #4: You need to constantly publish new content

This one is a bit of an old myth, but sadly, people still subscribe to the belief that you need to put out a ton of new content constantly 

What that does is add pressure to your team to come up with new ideas (which is extremely difficult these days) until they get burnt out, resulting in unnecessary or poorly-created content.

You don’t need new content all the time. Instead, reuse, recycle and repurpose the spectacular content you’ve already created in the past, or look for inspiration elsewhere.

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