7 Tips on Finding Your AUTHENTIC Youtube Voice

7 Tips on Finding Your AUTHENTIC Youtube Voice

Though it may seem like Alessia and Iacopo have always just โ€œhad it,โ€ in this episode, they open up about their struggles as beginner creators and also look back at how far they have come.

Watch and listen carefully into this story filled conversation about the beginnings of Lazy Dancer Tips together with how they built their content creation system, and many more!

Buckle up folks! This one is a ride. ๐Ÿš€

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Show notes:ย 

[00:00] Introduction
[00:53] Story of Lazy Dancer Tips
[04:04] Before starting YouTube
[05:51] Struggles and growth pains
[10:28] Content creation system
[20:03] Scripts vs bullet point prompts
[22:15] Practice, practice, practice!
[23:12] Handling good & bad comments
[26:04] Balancing social media utilization
[29:02] Work-life integration
[30:58] Dealing with creatorโ€™s block

Becoming a 'Practitioner'

One of the main struggles for beginner content creators or even seasoned ones is to keep on doing the work and utilizing the power of practice.

Practice, practice, practice and if you haven’t practiced, then practice more! Practice in front of your phone, tablet or recording device or even in the mirror. It is the only way to learn to speak in front of the camera, a crowd, a podcast or the like and improve your way of speaking, while also developing one’s voice.

Dealing with creator's block

Have you ever found yourself staring into a blank canvas and have no idea what to do? That’s creator’s block.

How do you deal with creator’s block then?

1. Step away from whatever you are doing for a day/week

2. Go outside and take a walk/jog/run

3. Re-charge yourself with something else that gives you joy

4. Rest – sleep, nap or do nothing

5. Ask yourself if you are enjoying what you are currently doing

About our guests:

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@lazydancertips | @iacopodiluigi | IG: @alessia_lugoboni
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/LazyDancerTipsWithAlessia
Website: https://www.lazydancerstudio.com/

Alessia was born in Verona – Italy and loved dancing as a form of expression from an early age. She has 20+ years of professional ballet experience from training at the English National Ballet School and the New Zealand school of dance to her successful career as a ballerina for both The Royal New Zealand Ballet and the New English Ballet theater.

She also performed in the West End in Cabaret the Musical with Will Young, Phantom of the Opera, and Most Incredible Thing by Pet Shop Boys at Sadlerโ€™s Wells. Alessia is now the co-founder of Lazy Dancer Tips and Lazy Dancer Studio, the most welcoming and inclusive ballet studio online.

Iacopo was born in Florence – Italy. Computers and films shaped his interest in creating art and telling stories from an early age. He has 15+ years of experience in the world of visual effects for cinema and television, he started from small studios in Italy to end up working directly for Peter Jackson with his creative team and concluded his career in London where he spent 10 years managing Computer Graphic teams for big productions in the most prestigious companies.

Right before the pandemic hit in 2020 he was able to comfortably quit his VFX job, dedicate himself full-time to his passion project with his wife and now helping young online entrepreneurs walk the same path he walked to achieve a better lifestyle, a better income and more fulfillment by sharing his knowledge and strategies through online coaching and courses.

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