Elon Musk's blue check marks rolled back as fake accounts get verified

The Storyy Trend Report 11/14/2022

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In this weeks edition

  • Fake accounts on Twitter are trolling with verified blue check marks
  • Schedule your posts on Instagram now!
  • What is that melody?
Trend report

Musk's big twitter product, verification, paused after fake accounts spread

Elon Musk once taking control of Twitter decided the company would charge money, $8, for verification of an account. What he didn’t foresee was Twitter trolls jumping on and making fake accounts impersonating real accounts, of businesses and public figures. 

In the aftermath of plummeting stalks and apologies from both more fake accounts and real ones, Twitter has decided to suspend purchases for verification.

Video Prompts

  • What’s your opinion of Twitter check marks? 
  • Did Elon make the right choice or should he have stuck to his guns?
Trend report

Schedule your Instagram posts

Instagram is now allowing you to schedule your posts in advance. This is great news for busy people, especially business owners. Now even if you aren’t free at that time, you can post at the optimal time to reach your audience. 

Click the link below to see how to do it.

Trend report

Lebron James always lies

Lebron can’t catch a break.

Recently, lots of clips have been surfacing of Lebron making outlandish lies. The most viral is a clip where Lebron claims he knew Kobe Bryants would score 81 points in a  game (clip below).

Since the virality of this clip, many are making memes of Lebron predicting major world events.

Trend report

What is that melody?

What Is That Melody? is a quote from the Overwatch character Sigma, originally said in his 2019 “Origin Story.” Although it first trended in memes on YouTube, the sound became increasingly viral on TikTok in late 2022.

One way creators use this sound, is by adding text on the screen that poorly describes a song they like. The more poorly described the better, as it creates an almost inside-joke-like relationship with viewers.

Another way is just talking about something they like.

This is a pretty easy sound to use. Get creating!

Trend report

Drake and Taylor

The new Drake and 21 Savage album is still topping the charts, but Taylor Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ is hanging on in the top 5 still.

Trend report

It's all about quality

Why are people willing to wait in line at Chick-fil-A? They deliver consistent quality products and services. 

Tip: Focus on your delivery of consistent and quality content that offers value to your clients.

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