U.S. Midterm Elections are tomorrow

The Storyy Trend Report 11/07/2022

Is it too early for Christmas?

With Halloween behind us, 27% percent of Americans are getting their Christmas decorations up this week. 

If you’re in that demographic, we kindly ask you to use just a bit of patience. Please. Focus on turkey day first.

In this weeks edition

  • The U.S. Midterm Elections are tomorrow!
  • Why you should own Mongolian fishing boots
  • Drake and 21 Savage drop their anticipated collab album
Trend report

The U.S. Midterm Elections are Tomorrow

Election day in the U.S. is tomorrow, the 8th of November. It may not be a presidential election, but voter turnout is already hitting records in some states. 

No matter what side you are for, the news this week will hardly be about anything else but the impending results. Stay up-to-date on the election results in the link below, so you know what everyone will be discussing on every social media platform.

Video Prompts

  • Did you vote? Why or why not?
  • Later this week, talk about the results and what that means, for you, your community, state, and nation.
Trend report

Instagram's Creator Portfolio

Instagram can’t seem to stop adding new features to its platform this year. The new Creator Portfolio allows you to customize your connections with brands and other creators. You can also add your profile to the marketplace, making it easier to sell anything from your business.

Trend report

Luca Maxim

Mongolian Fishing Boots, Tech Extremists & Zara Employees. This meme is a doozy.

Luca Maxim is a music artist who has organically created a meme to promote his song ‘Do U Bleed At All?’ 

Luca took the meme of hustle culture and exaggerated it times 100, creating an entire world of Mongolian uncles, rare fish investing, and tech extremists.

the meme-marketing has grown to the point of fellow Tiktokers making accounts to act as the evil Zara employees looking to create counterfeit uncles (I’m just as confused as you are).

To get in this meme, use Luca’s song and just talk about what you’re doing to combat Tech Extremists and Zara employees. and remember, the more Ernest you can be about this non-sense the more popular it will be.

Trend report

Wanna dance?

This new Meghan Trainor song, Made You Look, is on fire! The most popular version of this trend is to wear WHATEVER you want, the more dressed down the better. Then learn the dance! The better the moves the better the video. Look even Meghan Trainor and her husband (yes that’s the kid from Spy Kids) got in on it.

@darylsabara I TRIED TO DO THE DANCE WELL BUT @meghantrainor MADE ME LOOK 🔥 stream #takinitback NOW 😤 #madeyoulook #spykids DC: @brookieandjessie ♬ Made You Look - Meghan Trainor
@darylsabara I TRIED TO DO THE DANCE WELL BUT @meghantrainor MADE ME LOOK 🔥 stream #takinitback NOW 😤 #madeyoulook #spykids DC: @brookieandjessie ♬ Made You Look - Meghan Trainor
Trend report

Her Loss - Drake & 21 Savage

Rappers Drake and 21 Savage teamed up and dropped their collab album ‘Her Loss’ over the weekend, and it is currently dominating Spotifys charts. The stand our songs from the album are Rich Flex and Major Distribution. Make use to use them in your stories and videos!

Trend report

A Tip from our Founder

Here is the Founder of Storyy, Connor Snyder giving a tip to small businesses during this economic slowdown. We don’t only want to help you with your social media content but we want you and your business to succeed in the real world too!

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