Why Alex Hormozi is Publishing So Much Content (And You Should, Too)

Like most business owners, you want to create brand awareness and grow the reach of your business. You know it’s important, but you also know that it’s difficult to find the time and energy to do it consistently with content.

That’s why Alex Hormozi is publishing so much content while sharing his methodologies in content creation. He knows that it’s essential to achieve his goals. And he wants to help you achieve the same level of success for your business.
If you’re ready to learn how to publish more content like Alex Hormozi, then read more below as we summarize what we learned from him!

About Alex Hormozi

Alex Hormozi is a first generation Iranian-American entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. In total, He has scaled and exited 7 companies. His most notable exit was his majority sale of his licensing company for $46.2M in 2021. By 2020, he transitioned from CEO to the owner/shareholder position in these companies. Then he founded Acquisition.com as a way to invest his own wealth (both monetary & intellectual capital) into other people’s businesses.

The Goal

He started making content with 3 goals in mind: 
– To attract internet business owners over $3M+ who align with our values. 
– To help all businesses below our minimum deal size get to that $3M+ size FOR FREE.
– To create a place where I could document and share the best practices of building world class companies (what I wish my heroes had done).
So low and behold, businesses doing $3M+ per year started coming to Acquisition-dot-com to in order to get to $30-$100M+ & beyond.

The How

Time allocation wise, Alex is not an influencer nor a creator full time. Generally, he spends about 93% doing business and only about 7% focused on content creation. Specifically, he spends about 2 days/month or 4hours/week. See his process in-a-nutshell below: 
  • Daily mind dump 4hrs 
  • Weekly twitter review 1 day/month
  • Record: 50 shorts (with 10 shirt changes or so) 1 day/month 
  • Record: 4-8 YT videos
By following Alex’s advice, you can quickly build up a large volume of high-quality content. This content production efficiency will then help attract new visitors and convert them into customers.

The Why

In multiple videos, interviews and podcasts he has answered this question in one way or another but here is his own words as to his ‘why’:

The one thing that you can always protect yourself with is skills. Skills are the only things that will always be with you. And all you have to do is strengthen the foundations, sharpen and then build over it.

If you know how to do math, you can learn how to do accounting. When you learn how to do accounting, you can learn how to do tax work. After you can learn how to do tax work, you can figure out how to do insurance work. Once you figure out how to do insurance work, all of a sudden you’re a CFO and you can prepare companies for sale. 
These skills stack on top of each other. Specialized skills are valuable independent of the currency and the economic climate. If you are good, you will always have a place to provide value because … people want good stuff.” – Alex Hormozi

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