Instagram Hidden Words: Block Unwanted Interactions

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Do you know how to use hidden words on Instagram? If not, you’re not alone. Instagram recently introduced new ways to protect its community from abuse with its ‘Hidden Words’ feature. It is a new tool that automatically filters offensive message requests and comments that you deem as spammy or simply want to avoid.
As per Instagram’s @Creators, Hidden Words “hides message requests you don’t want to see into a separate section of your DM Requests folder. With Hidden Words, comments that may be offensive will also be hidden so you and your followers won’t see them!

Two ways to use Hidden Words

The Instagram Help page says: “Content that doesn’t go against our Community Guidelines, but may be inappropriate, offensive or bullying can be hidden from your comments and message requests. You can also create a list of words, phrases, numbers and emojis you want to hide.” See the two ways below:

#1 Hide Offensive Content

Spam comments are harmful to any Instagram account, as the algorithm may recognize your post as “spammy” and avoid showing it to real viewers on the platforms. So utilizing these tools will definitely help your account’s growth and community engagement.
  • Hide Comments: This setting is on by default, but you can change it any time. Comments with common offensive words, phrases, or emojis will be automatically filtered. Once filtered, it will be kept hidden, and the person who sent it won’t know.
  • Hide Message Requests: This setting is off by default, but you can change it any time. Enabling this option will send all message requests containing offensive words, phrases, or emojis to the Hidden Requests folder.

#2 Manage Custom Word List

You can also add words, phrases, numbers or emojis to your Custom Word List to be hidden from your comments or message requests. Think of it as an advanced filtering feature. You can also edit this list at any time.

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Here’s how to enable Hidden Words on Instagram

On your Instagram profile, select the menu with the 3 lines on the top right, then follow these steps. 
  1. Select “Settings”. 
  2. Select “Privacy”. 
  3. Select “Hidden Words”. 
  4. Scroll down and select “Manage list”. 
  5. Type in several words and phrases that you often find appearing in your spam-like comments, then press “Add” after each word or phrase.

The main Takeaway

Deleting and blocking Instagram comments one-by-one manually is not only a pain but also is a waste of your precious time. Enabling this new feature will give you more time to do and focus on what you do best. Which is creating awesome content!

hidden words

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