Why You Need To Start Creating Video Content On Social Media

creating video content on social media
So you want to learn how to creating social media videos that are engaging? If you’re not creating video content on social media, you’re missing out. Video content is one of the most powerful forms of communication online, and it can help you build your personal brand and attract new customers. 
In this blog post, we’ll discuss the importance of video content and provide tips for getting started. Creating video content can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need expensive equipment or a professional studio. Just start with your phone and a few simple props. Then, get creative and have fun! 
TikTok is a great platform for creating video content. It has also become the #1 search engine and social media app in the world surpassing google among Gen-Z users.
It’s easy to use and there’s no pressure to be perfect. Plus, you can reach a huge audience with your videos. Here are our top tips for creating video content for social media:

#1 Always provide value to your audience

These could be how-to video content, inspirational ones, hacks and/or tips, and anything that is entertaining. These all offer value and perform the best. Especially if distributed strategically in social media platforms.

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#2 Use trending sounds the first week they are trending

Whenever you scroll through your Instagram reels or Tiktok, you tend to notice the same few songs that keep popping up. This is a good indication that you need to hop on that sound and integrate to your video content as soon as possible. Social media trends like these are fast so you better ride the bandwagon!

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#3 Keep your video content short and sweet

Don’t waffle. Tell your viewers what to expect from the video, deliver it and wrap it up. No need to talk about unnecessary stuff like the weather and things like that.

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#4 Always add captions or subtitles

Research has shown that more and more people are watching videos on-mute. So if you don’t add captions or subtitles, chances are they will scroll past and not view your video content. Then you have lost a potential viewer, follower, or subscriber.

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#5 Upload your videos to numerous platforms

If you want to expand your network across all social media platforms, then take advantage of social media content distribution. This is because people can’t subscribe to something that doesn’t exist or know about. 

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#6 Utilize Thumbnails

Most people are visual learners and now content consumers. Your thumbnails enhances your video content to grip the attention of your audience. The thumbnail is in a gateway or basically your first impression of a video.

Start creating video content today!

It’s a great way to build your personal brand and attract new customers with video content on social media. And who knows, you might even have some fun in the process!
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