Why You Need Content Pillars For Creating Social Media Videos

So, you’ve decided that you want to start making more social media video content. The only problem is, you don’t know what to talk about when you start recording. 

Don’t stress too much about it. If you are still building your audience, know that what one audience likes won’t work for everyone.

So when you’re deciding on what video ideas might work best, don’t be afraid to mix it up and try different things to see what your audience responds to.
One way to make your process of creating content easy and efficient is through content pillars.

#1 Educational Content

Educational based content drives up your authority while giving value to your audience. A ‘Q&A’ format also works well for both solo videos or by interviewing a guest who is an expert, thought leader, a customer, team member or the like.


For solo videos, you can answer FAQs or questions from the audience. While the interview format can be through a podcast. Topic wise, you can create anything related to:

#2 Inspirational Content

Inspiration based content is something that really makes your audience feel inspired and feel closer to you or your personal brand. Content that you can build are as follows:
  • Content that inspires
  • Fun facts & personal stories
  • Shifting people’s beliefs
These can be in the form of images or copy depending on the distribution platform.

#3 Promotional Content

Anything that is related to what you are selling or promotions. Any type of content piece that addresses the following:
  • Objections your audience may have
  • Sharing social proof, testimonials
  • Promoting your product/s

Bonus Tip: Proper content workflows

One way to make content creation easy for you is to do content repurposing. First thing you need is to have either one or two primary long form content (either a podcast or blog/newsletter).
From that content you can extract short video snippets that can be repurposed and then distributed to various social media platforms in different formats (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube..etc..).
Now is the time to start creating content. But at this point, you’re probably thinking… “What if I run out of ideas?”
One way to avoid this from happening is by developing a content bank or matrix using the above social media content pillars. So, every time an idea pops into your head, write or document it in the section it belongs to. You will save a lot of time and effort when creating content in the long run!

Start building your social media presence

To make your brand stand out, save time, and grow your community, take advantage of each social media platform’s features to weave these different content types together. Make social media videos that engage your community with Storyy. Start Today!

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