The Truth About UGC: Why You Need It and How to Get Started

It is no secret that people make buying decisions from peer recommendations. This is where UGC or “User Generated Content” comes in because consumers tend to trust other buyers more than branded or sponsored content.

What is UGC?

User-Generated Content (UGC) is content created by individuals or fans rather than the brand or company.
UGC is the height of organic marketing, it is when customers are so delighted by the offering they purchased that they cannot wait to tell or share their experience with others.

Why is UGC important?

Let us get to the point. The result of UGC is gaining a powerful online social proof that has the potential to increase trust, authenticity, and sales.
The variations of UGC are endless. It could be one, a combination or all of the following: user generated written (reviews, testimonials, blogs), audio (podcasts), or video content (unboxing, challenges..etc..) published in various web platforms.
So without further ado here are 3 ways to create UGC – user generated content:

#1 Crowdsourcing: Just Ask

You can either spend hours searching social platforms for content that you can use or simply ask for it. Simply spell out to your clients or audience what it is you’re looking for (feedback or testimonials) and encourage them to send it to you!
Asking also makes things clear about usage rights. Examples of these are through contest submissions, asking for a review or testimonial.

#2 Use social listening tools

Use social listening tools to find influencers who are already talking about your brand/product/service, then engage them for a campaign around UGC – User Generated Content.


#3 Consider Influencer Marketing

Influencer is one of the ways to engage with fans. Partner with different creators to boost the message and content around something specific.
This could be through a sponsored review, and/or tutorials where the creator posts it in their platform. Or you can engage in a UGC agreement with a creator where they will create content for you to be used and published.
When you harness the power of your brand’s community is a great way to source content for your social media platforms.
A quick example of this is the brand GoPro, where they utilize UGC in their social platform’s content.
GoPro collaborates with their community to create content for their media channels through the GoPro Awards program. This allows GoPro to create a self-fulfilling system that provides a lot of high-quality and authentic UGC as well as promotes their products.
Now depending on your goals, some of these may work better for your brand than others. But we encourage you to try and experiment with these methods anyway.

Still feeling stuck with your content?

If you’ve put user-generated content to work or need help with your own content needs, let us know. we’re always happy to chat! Check out our products as well!

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