Facebook Ads - How To Boost Posts Without Fear Of Rejection

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In theory, Facebook Ads approval process is straightforward: 
  • Submit an ad that adheres to Facebook’s advertising guidelines. New and edited ads go through the same review process.
  • Facebook reviews ads using a combination of bots and human reviewers.
  • Your ad is either approved or denied. You’ll then be notified when the decision is made, and ads that were approved will go live.
But Facebook’s advertising policies, with all its nuances, can be pretty overwhelming. If you are currently boosting posts on Facebook but your ads are getting rejected, it’s usually one of the following 5 factors.

#1 Misleading Claims

Ads must not contain deceptive, false, or misleading claims like those relating to the effectiveness or characteristics of a product or service, including misleading health, employment or weight-loss claims that set unrealistic expectations for users. See this prompt from Facebook below:

#2 Avoid restricted content and target appropriately

Make sure the Facebook ads are not targeting underage groups. Also ensure that you are also not targeting other demographics or psychographics for whom your offering would be inappropriate.

#3 Check ad copy quality and tonality

Double-check your Facebook ads or have another set of eyes reviewing it. Make sure to read the policy in full before resubmitting for approval as Facebook ads rejections can be quite nuanced as it is reviewed by humans. Keep #1 & #2 in mind when you’re going for clever, bold, or compelling ad copy.

#4 Check your landing pages

Ensure your landing page includes your terms of service, a link to your privacy policy, and any other required information. Keep the copy clear, honest, and free of anything potentially misleading. And also make sure the page link is not broken.

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#5 Check mobile view

Landing page experience is a factor in the Facebook ads approval process. And it’s not uncommon to see accidental popups, glitches, or unexpected movements and shifts on mobile. So make sure to do some testing on your landing pages’ mobile view.

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No matter your industry or what you are promoting, your campaigns and ads and landing pages must follow the guidelines.
If you adhere to these 5 things mentioned above, you’re likely to overcome this annoying roadblock and stop your ads from getting rejected!

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