Patagonia Reimagines Capitalism

The Storyy Trend Report 09/19/2022

Just a little bit of everything this week!

Can I interest you in some Business news? Fashion perhaps? New rap music?

In this weeks edition

  • Patagonia focuses on Climate Change. 
  • Youtube Shorts have taken off on the platform.
  • New York Fashion Week 2022 sparks funny videos.
Trend report

Patagonia Founder on "going purpose" instead of "going public"

The popular outdoor apparel and gear company, Patagonia, is reinventing itself. Instead of traditional stockholders and dividend payouts, Patagonia will give all of its profits not used to reinvest in the company to a climate change nonprofit organization, Holdfast Collective. 

Read more about the decision directly from the owner of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard in the link below.

Video Prompts

  • Do you agree with Yvon Chouinard’s direction he is taking his company?
  • What causes are you passionate about that you do/would donate time or money to?
Trend report

Most Youtube Top 50 channels using Shorts

More than half of Youtube’s top 50 list is using Shorts as their primary posting form on the Platform. Youtube started using Shorts to mimic TikTok’s shorter and catchier content form, and it has clearly worked.

Trend report

New York Fashion Week

Every September brings New York Fashion Week, and with it,  a good amount of hilarious videos and pictures of the latest and greatest NYFW 2022 has to offer. Check out the videos below and maybe it will spark your next fashion trend video.

Trend report

Sensual Seductions

This soundbite from the Song Sensual Seductions by Snoop Dogg has been a hit this week. 

How to do the trend? Every time the music beat changes show you (or switch between you and someone else) being “seduced” by the idea of something. It doesn’t need to be sexual, you can make it funny! Check out the example below. Don’t forget to give a bit of a dance at the end when Snoop starts singing for some added laughs.


Getting married makes 8pm the new 1am

♬ Sensual Seduction - Snoop Dogg

Who else can relate? 😌

♬ Sensual Seduction - Snoop Dogg
Trend report

8 0 8

Check out this week’s #1, “8 0 8” by J€AN-MARC for a fun and trending song.

It has a unique beat and is a great hype song, especially for business accounts. Use it on TikTok or Instagram to show the coolest version of yourself, your team, or your company, in order to give your content a boost.

Trend report

Creators Block?

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