Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 years old

The Storyy Trend Report 09/12/22

In this weeks edition

  • Queen Elizabeth II dies after 70 years of service.
  • Instagram starts testing reposting.
  • Sam Smith blows up on Tiktok
Trend report

Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 years old

The UK’s longest-running monarch Queen Elizabeth died on September 8th, 2022. The heir to the throne her son, Charles III, takes her place as King. This weekend Prince William and Harry were seen with their wives paying tribute to the Queen. On Saturday, King Charles was addressing the nation and commonwealth. Things are moving fast and changing on multiple fronts within the British government as earlier last week they also got a new Prime Minister, Liz Truss.

Video Prompts

  • What qualities of Queen Elizabeth II have that you admire?
  • How can you smoothly change leadership?
Trend report

Instagram test reposting capabilities

Instagram continues to copy other social media sites, as they test the ability to repost other’s content. This is similar to Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest. For example, this allows followers to view content of whomever you’ve reposted as if it were your own, showing up on their feed.

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Trend report

The Queen is dead long live the Memes

On the morning of September 8th, 2022, it was announced that she was undergoing medical supervision at Balmoral Castle in Aberdeen, Scotland. After her doctors became concerned for the Queen’s health. Furthermore, It was reported that her children canceled scheduled events to rush to her side, suggesting she may be close to death. Later that day, her death was confirmed by the Royal Family. Consequently, the news was both received with grave seriousness and jokes from commenters, with many related memes. Such as Queen Elizabeth Is Immortal and There Is No Queen of England was also trending amid the Queen of England’s death.

Trend report

Unholy by Sam Smith

Sam Smith drop a snippet of his new song on TikTok last week and it took over! Presently, the unique sounds and fun transitions was working across every genre of TikTok. In addition, It is dark and sexy but you can use it in almost every context. As long as you remember to transition with the music. Check these examples out below.


Can you imagine Nicky with a mullet…

♬ original sound - Sam Smith

This She Hulk filter is wild 🤭

♬ original sound - Sam Smith
Trend report


This song is trending on all social media platforms boosting it to #1 for a peculiar reason…

The Reddit post that blew this song up was a disagreement between a boyfriend and girlfriend on if this song is a good sex song. And particularly if the beat can be used for… pacing. This sparked a debate on every social media platform with people chiming in with their opinions or making videos about the beat it sets. What do you think?

Trend report

Know your audience

Focusing on your audience’s wants and needs will better help you engage and find new people on your social media platforms. Maybe your audience isn’t into the Queen Elizabeth drama or news but into trending music. Choose your topics on what best suits them and you authentically.

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