America’s Housing Market Just Hit a Speed Bump That Could Completely Change the Homebuying Game

The Storyy Real Estate and Mortgage Trend Report 08/22/22

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Have you seen the blue lobsters?

In this Storyy Trend Report we’ll talk about the housing market, but before that, this blue lobsters trended recently. The probability of the north Atlantic lobster having this colouring is widely touted as being one in two million. The University of Maine Lobster Institute is among those to have quoted these odds in the past, though its executive director, Rob Bayer, admits they are merely a “guess”.

In this weeks edition

  • America’s Housing Market Just Hit a Speed Bump
  • Cross platform posting comes to Tiktok
  • Text to Image AI explodes on social media

America’s Housing Market Just Hit a Speed Bump That Could Completely Change the Homebuying Game

How much of a difference does five days make? In today’s fast-paced housing market where real estate listings get snapped up almost overnight, a whole lot.

One of the critical changes is that the pace of home sales slowed significantly, with listings sitting five extra days on the market compared with this time last year.

Homes typically linger on the market just 34 days, so a five-day upswing is huge. Here’s what this and other recent fluctuations mean, so that both homebuyers and sellers can stay on top of the dynamic world of real estate today.

Video Prompts

  • How do you think this new data will effect the housing market?
  • Is now a good time to buy a home? Why or why not?

America’s Housing Market Just Hit a Speed Bump That Could Completely Change the Homebuying Game

Inflation appears to be beyond its peak, which has stopped the rapid increase in mortgage rates that the housing market was experiencing earlier this year. The market continues to absorb the cumulative impact of the large price and rate increases that led to a plunge in affordability. As a result, over the rest of the year purchase demand likely will continue to drag, supply will modestly increase, and home price growth will decelerate.

  • 30-Yr FRM – 5.13%
  • 15-Yr FRM – 4.55%
  • 5/1-Yr ARM – 4.39%

Video Prompts

  • Do you expect rates to continue to drop?
  • Is now a good time to lock in a mortgage rate? Why or why not?
Trend report

Cross-post your TikTok stories to Facebook and Instagram

This ability to copy the link and share it to other platforms directly from the TikTok app will save Content Creators a lot of time. The old process only allowed users to share stories with their friends inside of TikTok but now it will include, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, and Instagram Stories. Look for this roll out to hit a larger audience soon as it has already been beta tested in the app.

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Trend report, tiktok
Trend report

Text-to-Image AI

Popular on pretty much every social media platform, text-to-image AI takes a phrase or name prompt and generates an image based on it. People have been using it for song lyrics, dates from the past or future, and even funny celebrity situations.

Oddly enough the comedian, John Oliver, seems to have been a subject for many of these funny AI images, even turning into a story shared by thousands with different images they generated. Oliver egged it on further on his show Sunday night and it only blew up more. Check out some examples below!

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Trend report

Locked Up

The soundbite, Locked Up by Coinyes has blown up on TikTok. It’s a short and simple video, just film yourself using the POlice Filter by JPhant and put something you can’t stop doing even if it became illegal.

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Romantic Homicide and Run Away to Mars

The melancholy vibes continue this week. Check out these top two songs, Romantic Homicide by d4vd and Run Away to Mars by TALK. They are great background music for a more emotional or romantic video, think aesthetics.

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How To Break Through Barriers To Grow Your Personal Brand

In this week’s episode of Social Media Storyy Telling, we are joined by Frank Kitchen, the Mindset Masterchef! Our own Deven Gillen talks to Frank about how to break through roadblocks to grow your personal, brand.

Listen to the full episode below!

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