FBI search warrant reveals agents seized top-secret documents in raid of Trump’s home​ - The Storyy Trend Report 08/15/2022

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  • The Trump raid – FBI searched former President Donald Trump’s home
  • Instagram rolls out 60 second stories
  • You are like papa 😡🧇
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FBI search warrant reveals agents seized top-secret documents in raid of Trump’s home

FBI seized multiple sets of documents marked top secret from former President Donald Trump’s Florida resort home, Mar-a-Lago, when agents raided it Monday, according to a search warrant unsealed Friday.

The warrant directed agents to seize “all physical documents and records constituting evidence, contraband, fruits of crime, or other items illegally possessed” in violation of three laws related to handling of government documents.

The warrant indicates that statutes relating to espionage and obstruction of justice are the foundation for the search. Convictions under these statutes can bring fines or prison sentences.

One of the statutes, which relates to removing or destroying government records, includes a punishment of being “disqualified from holding any office under the United States,” according to the text of the law.

None of the three statutes — Title 18 of the United States Code, Sections 7931519 and 2071 — hinge on whether the documents in question were classified.

But the warrant left out many details about the materials seized — and the government’s motivation for the shocking raid, believed to be the first search of a former president’s home. “This is really uncharted territory,” Richard Serafini, a criminal defense attorney and former Department of Justice trial lawyer, said in an interview regarding the trump raid.


Video Prompts

  • What are your thoughts on the Trump Raid by the FBI?
  • What do you think the consequences of the trump raid will be?
Trend report

Instagram finally starts to roll out 60-second stories.

After almost a year of trying this feature on select Instagram accounts, it looks like the social media platform is looking to expand its 60-second story feature to a larger audience. This would remove those awkward breaks every 15 seconds in larger videos. Keep a look out for this update on your stories. [Check out our blog on: How to Retarget videos using Instagram Boosting]

trump raid
Trend report

Halloween in August is the new Christmas in July

With the extended hot weather, it seems people are so done with it all and ready for Fall!

Join the trend by making a meme about how excited you are for fall, or share a video talking about the fall activities coming up that you are most excited for!

Check out these examples:

trump raid, trend report
trump raid, trend report
Trend report

You are like papa

This Stranger Things soundbite is hilariously popular right now.

You Are Like Papa is a line said by the Stranger Things character Eleven as she accuses her adoptive father Jim Hopper of lying to her just like Dr. Brenner, aka Papa, did during her childhood.

How to use it: Type a “you just can’t do…” phrase, usually this is used as a reprimand shot. Then show the subject doing or attempting that exact thing when the sound says “you are like papa” Play around with cuts and be dramatic to play off the silliness of the whole thing. Watch these examples below.

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Stick Season

Noah Kahan got the memo that Summer is over. This song is the sound of Fall, with its melancholy lyrics and acoustic guitar. It may not be “the season on the sticks” in reality but it seems to be in people’s hearts. Jump on the trend of this song with a heartfelt video, maybe about letting go or dealing with change.

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Get a friend's help to film a video

Feel like your videos feel awkward and/or stiff? Try getting a friend to ask you questions and filming your response to get a more natural presence in your videos.

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