The Shortest Day on Earth Ever Recorded - The Storyy Trend Report 08/08/2022

Ever feel like there isn't enough time in the day?

Well, you might be right! Earth Completed its fastest rotation on record. What did you miss out on because of the lost 1.5 milliseconds? Is Earth starting a new trend?

In this weeks edition

  • Earth spins faster and faster
  • Instagram trys to become Tiktok (for the worse)
  • This trend report is bussin fr fr (no cap)
Trend report

Earth is suddenly spinning faster

Our planet set a record for completing one rotation faster than scientists had ever previously recorded, according to Earth rotated once around its axis on Wednesday, June 29, in 1.59 milliseconds less than 24 hours.

The cause of the differing speed of Earth’s spin is unknown, but theories abound:

  • The melting of the glaciers means less weight on the poles
  • Motions of our planet’s inner molten core
  • Seismic activity
  • The “Chandler wobble”—the movement of Earth’s geographical poles across its surface


If Earth spins faster then it gets to the same position a little earlier. A half-a-millisecond equates to 10-inches or 26 centimetres at the equator. In short, GPS satellites—which already have to be corrected for the effect of Einstein’s general relativity theory (the curve of space and time)—are quickly going to become useless.

There are also potentially confusing consequences for smartphones, computers and communications systems, which synchronize with Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers. It’s defined as the number of seconds since 00:00:00 UTC on January 1, 1970.


Video Prompts

  • A serious take: Is this symbolic, or is the world actually moving faster?
  • A scientific take: Tell your audience about the theories. Why does it matter to them?
  • A fun take: What would you have accomplished that you didn’t because you lost 1.5 milliseconds?
Trend report

Instagram will soon be testing ultra-tall photos to match Reels

Even after all the backlash from its users, Instagram is still marching toward a more similar look to TikTok. [Check out our blog on: Why you should be using Instagram Reels]

There is of course some backlash to this change, namely by photographers because of the tight constriction on an awkward display frame of 9: 16 and the use of an overlay to display text.

Trend report
Trend report


Zoomerification or Zoomerfy is a current meme trend that involves editing images of people and characters by giving them a total Zoomer makeover. Stereotypical Gen Z haircut are added, as well as  their dialogue being changed so that it includes a large number of Gen Z slang words and expressions, such as “deadass,” “fr fr,” “bussin” and “no cap.”

Check out these 2 examples below!

Trend report
Trend report
Trend report

I'm carrying your love with me...

David Morris’s hit “Carrying Your Love With Me” has been trending the past week. Jump on this trend by first showing something you “carry with you,” and then the source of that “love.” Take this quick sound bite from this song and make sure to give it your own spin.

Trend report


kidthvldd really “did it to go #1” in his hit song Lyfe this week. Check out the top songs below to incorporate into your videos. There is a little bit of everything this week so try to match your video’s mood with the right song.

Trend report

How to hook your audience

Two things to AVOID when filming short-form content:

1. Introducing yourself
2. Summarizing the video

Learn more about how to start your videos from our very own Deven Gillen. Check out the video below!

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