Headline of the most trending article - the storyy trend report mm/dd/yy

This is the welcome section

The welcome section should include a short thought, meme, tweet, or something interesting. It should be a paragraph at max. This should be treated as an icebreaker of sorts


Trend report

News Headline

The news section should be included in one of 2 ways: the biggest news story of the week, or the biggest story that will effect content creators or business owners.

We should create these news stories with other articles and Jarvis.ai

Video Prompts

  • We should include 2 video prompts
  • These should help guide a reader to create video from the news story
Trend report

New Features Headline

This article should highlight the biggest updates to major social media platforms that will effect content creators. The best places to find this info are theverge.com and socialmediatoday.com

We should write these in Jarvis.ai based on new articles we find

Trend report

Meme Headline

This section should highlight either the most trending image or sound based meme going around the web. If there is no major trending meme, we can go back and look at older templates that are still used often today.

The best resource I’ve found for this is knowyourmeme.com and their newsletter.


Below include 2 examples of the meme. 

Trend report

Sounds Headline

This section we should highlight the 5 biggest sounds on tiktok.

We can find this info by searching going on Tiktok and searching “sounds” and clicking on the “trending sounds” button to find the 5 biggest sounds.

In the section below, we should embed videos from the top 2 sounds that highlight the sound / trend well.

Trend report

Music Headline (this should be the name of the #1 song)

This should be a paragraph about the #1 song on this Viral 50 playlist. Talk about the history of the song, why its trending, and who the artist is. 

We do not need to touch the embedded playlist below, as the playlist will update weekly

Trend report

Tips Headline

This section should should help the readers by giving them tips about platforms, strategy, video filming, and content creation.

This article should be based on a Storyy youtube video, instagram post, or Tiktok post. We should add the video below (note: if it is a video form IG or Tiktok, we need to embed the video using the embed button)

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