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Storyy helps business leaders plan, create, and manage personalized social media content across every major platform.

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save time building a strong social media presence

First, we help you know what to say.

Instead of procrastinating content creation because you don’t know what to say, our platform gives you an endless supply of suggestions, questions, and topics for you to share your perspective on. Our AI-powered prompts will help you consistently create content and be seen by your audience.

Second, record or upload your video directly through our app.

Content uploading has never been easier. The Storyy mobile and web apps allow you to effortlessly deliver your video to the team, removing the frustration of Google Drive and Dropbox. You’ll be able to check the app to see where in the editing process your video is.

Third, we turn your video into premium content.

The recording you uploaded will be turned into engaging social media video content. We’ll do also do timestamps, hashtag research, edit out awkward pauses, add music, pop-ups and keep up with trending styles to help your video stand out while preserving your uniqueness.

Fourth, we post and share your message.

Once your video is complete, our team will write a caption inspired by your message and share it to the accounts you care about most.

let us work for
you - for free

We could tell you how we’ve made over 40,000 pieces of content for 200+ creators, or we could just show you.

For a limited time, we’ll edit a short-form video for you for free – no catch, just a high quality video.

solutions for every creator

Social Video Edits

$ 267
  • 5 Short-Form Video Edits
  • Personalized Video Ideas
  • Seamless Uploading
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • 1 Active Project At A Time​
  • Live Project Tracking
  • 24-48 Hour Turnaround Time
  • Team Capabilities

Unlimited Edits

$ 899
  • Unlimited Short-Form and Long-Form Video Edits
  • Personalized Video Ideas
  • Seamless Uploading
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Live Project Tracking
  • 1 Active Project At A Time
  • *24-48 Hour Turnaround Time
  • Team Capabilities

Social Media Management

$ 699
  • Posting to 5 Platforms
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Monthly Strategy Call
  • Caption Writing
  • Hashtag Research
  • Visible Content Calendar
  • Community Engagement
  • Post Boosting

frequently asked questions

  • Hiring (and managing) an in-house video editor, copywriter, and social media specialist

  • Finding a stranger on Fiver who doesn’t know you or your brand.

  • Using another video editing company with less features and expertise.


Schedule a no-pressure consultation today and we’ll show you how Storyy can help you master social media.

Our team takes 24-48 hours to deliver your finished video, depending on the intricacy of the edit.

Our scripts are generated with Open.AI‘s Chat GPT, and our own team of prompt engineers.

Every video is edited by real people – No Capcut or Descript found here. 

Our team of video editors are up to date on current styles, and will make sure your video is engaging and authentically you.

Credits do not roll over, but don’t worry. Our customer support team will give you friendly reminders to create content and get the most out of your Storyy membership.


With our unlimited package, you get unlimited videos. Our team edits 1 active project at a time. Customers usually see 20-30 videos, depending on how often you upload.

Yes! We will give you full clarity of your content via our app, giving you full transparency of where your content is.

If you want to make a change to your video before it’s posted, simply request a revision in the app.

While there are other content creation options (such as auto generated) available, these options do not stick out from the 720,000 hours worth of videos upload to social media each day.

If you are serious about growing your online presence and building a strong personal brand, you need to make content that sticks out while still being authentically you.

We would love to talk with you about your social media goals, and see if Storyy would be a good fit for you.

Schedule a discovery call today!

want your content to look premium? trendy? fresh? engaging? authentic?

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